Session Five
The Wakers

Our party left Godstone Telsem, traveling West toward the Erier border all day before making camp. Several days pass in this manner, and our party settles into a traveling routine. Steadily, Reiya Ald’Mir grows less wary her hired guards as she becomes used to their presence, and each night at camp Endi Tinderleaf and Nelbin Sorb instruct Lady Alva in the practical arts of the thieves’ craft. Reiya, surprisingly, is delighted that Alva has begun to pick up some skills that might help her defend herself, and encourages their nightly teachings. After four days of travel, our group arrives at the warfront. Here, there is an empty battlefield littered with discarded weapons and fallen soldiers. Reiya expresses concern with being this close to the war-front: not because of the Erier soldiers that might come along, but rather, a fear of ghostly beings called The Wakers that serve the goddess Mir by collecting the souls of the dead. Skirting around the battlefield, our party finds a wounded Erier soldier who begs them for a horse. Rather than give up one of their own, the party elects to send the man with Sigmund as an escort. Sigmund, after some convincing, agrees, seeing it as an opportunity to atone for past sins. The party then leaves the battlefield behind, traveling south, and arrives in the war-front town of Brevith.

Session Four
In the Shadow of the Gods

The caravan party arrives at Godstone Telsem, a massive worn boulder with an intricate carving. There, they find a small hollow in the earth that has doubtless been used by countless travelers. They make a makeshift camp. Ser Jorrik Sonne tends to Endi’s axe wound, while Arthas Larke busies himself with preparing dinner. The party has an opportunity to rest and socialize with their new found traveling companions. Notably, Aldan Ituin begins to use magic flagrantly to construct camp, drawing wary looks from Reiya Ald’Mir.

Session Three
The Weeping Tree

After stabilizing their comrade Endi, the group traveled deeper into the orc-controlled forest looking for vengeance. There, in the heart of the forest, they found a dark and twisted tree that the orc leader, Ulak-Hul of the Toothed Blade, worshiped as a god, calling it Grunnavash. The party ambushed Ulak-Hul, ready for a grueling fight. Despite her best efforts, Roxanna was gravely wounded dealing with Ulak-Hul’s minions, but her life was saved by her comrades. Meanwhile, Aldin Ituin faced off against Ulak-Hul, firing gouts of magical flame from his hands. Ulak-Hul, aflame and angry, stumbled backward into the tree, causing it to catch fire and burn rapidly. Ulak-Hul, suddenly under the effects of a dark compulsion, beheaded himself to atone for his sins against his god. With the orcs dispatched, our party rapidly left the forest, smoke still on the air, toward Godstone Telsem.

Session Two
Flies Upon the Land

Our party, now following the Dorman Noble caravan, traveled to the Blackwood forest of Yunfell. There, they met a knight named Ser Abel of Alexandre, who had been hired by the Blackwood nobility to slay orcs that were plaguing nearby villages. He warned them that he had not fully eradicated the orc threat, and should the group continue to travel deeper into the forest, they would be met with hostility. The group thanked him for his warning and proceeded. True to his word, it was not long before signs of an orc presence were seen. Reiya Ald’Mir took Nelbin, Aldin, Endi, Huey, and Roxanne deeper into the forest on a forward scouting mission to ascertain the orcs’ numbers. It was here they found a makeshift fort the orcs had constructed of stone and fallen lumber, likely in an attempt to raid passing caravans. Our party dispatched the orcs in the fort, but Endi was gravely wounded…

Session One
The Lady of the Woods

In the frontier town of Harwick, a strange caravan stops, looking for replacement guards. The caravan is on a transport mission, carrying a young Dorman noblewoman named Alva Strauss out to Midran. Her handler, Reiya Ald’Mir, is looking for capable mercenaries for defense. Although they are well-stocked with food and gold, they are not concerned with robbery. Instead, Reiya seeks to protect those under her charge after the death of her companion, Kirke. The party assembles and agrees to travel with the caravan.
On their way, they meet other members of the expedition. Owen Lovell, an enormous pudgy man, has a genuine enthusiasm for both people and maps, despite the fact he cannot read. Jorik Sonne, a knight of the kingdom, is gruff and stern but prefers for his problems to solve themselves. Arthas Larke is the caravan driver. He is meek and feels most safe when with his horses. The party also sub-contracts an old beast-slayer named Sigmund Vaughn, who grows suspicious of the caravan’s motives when he learns of their Dorman ancestry. Dawn arrives, and the carriages set out toward Godstone Telsem and Midran…


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