Session Two

Flies Upon the Land

Our party, now following the Dorman Noble caravan, traveled to the Blackwood forest of Yunfell. There, they met a knight named Ser Abel of Alexandre, who had been hired by the Blackwood nobility to slay orcs that were plaguing nearby villages. He warned them that he had not fully eradicated the orc threat, and should the group continue to travel deeper into the forest, they would be met with hostility. The group thanked him for his warning and proceeded. True to his word, it was not long before signs of an orc presence were seen. Reiya Ald’Mir took Nelbin, Aldin, Endi, Huey, and Roxanne deeper into the forest on a forward scouting mission to ascertain the orcs’ numbers. It was here they found a makeshift fort the orcs had constructed of stone and fallen lumber, likely in an attempt to raid passing caravans. Our party dispatched the orcs in the fort, but Endi was gravely wounded…



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