Session Three

The Weeping Tree

After stabilizing their comrade Endi, the group traveled deeper into the orc-controlled forest looking for vengeance. There, in the heart of the forest, they found a dark and twisted tree that the orc leader, Ulak-Hul of the Toothed Blade, worshiped as a god, calling it Grunnavash. The party ambushed Ulak-Hul, ready for a grueling fight. Despite her best efforts, Roxanna was gravely wounded dealing with Ulak-Hul’s minions, but her life was saved by her comrades. Meanwhile, Aldin Ituin faced off against Ulak-Hul, firing gouts of magical flame from his hands. Ulak-Hul, aflame and angry, stumbled backward into the tree, causing it to catch fire and burn rapidly. Ulak-Hul, suddenly under the effects of a dark compulsion, beheaded himself to atone for his sins against his god. With the orcs dispatched, our party rapidly left the forest, smoke still on the air, toward Godstone Telsem.



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