Session One

The Lady of the Woods

In the frontier town of Harwick, a strange caravan stops, looking for replacement guards. The caravan is on a transport mission, carrying a young Dorman noblewoman named Alva Strauss out to Midran. Her handler, Reiya Ald’Mir, is looking for capable mercenaries for defense. Although they are well-stocked with food and gold, they are not concerned with robbery. Instead, Reiya seeks to protect those under her charge after the death of her companion, Kirke. The party assembles and agrees to travel with the caravan.
On their way, they meet other members of the expedition. Owen Lovell, an enormous pudgy man, has a genuine enthusiasm for both people and maps, despite the fact he cannot read. Jorik Sonne, a knight of the kingdom, is gruff and stern but prefers for his problems to solve themselves. Arthas Larke is the caravan driver. He is meek and feels most safe when with his horses. The party also sub-contracts an old beast-slayer named Sigmund Vaughn, who grows suspicious of the caravan’s motives when he learns of their Dorman ancestry. Dawn arrives, and the carriages set out toward Godstone Telsem and Midran…



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