Session Five

The Wakers

Our party left Godstone Telsem, traveling West toward the Erier border all day before making camp. Several days pass in this manner, and our party settles into a traveling routine. Steadily, Reiya Ald’Mir grows less wary her hired guards as she becomes used to their presence, and each night at camp Endi Tinderleaf and Nelbin Sorb instruct Lady Alva in the practical arts of the thieves’ craft. Reiya, surprisingly, is delighted that Alva has begun to pick up some skills that might help her defend herself, and encourages their nightly teachings. After four days of travel, our group arrives at the warfront. Here, there is an empty battlefield littered with discarded weapons and fallen soldiers. Reiya expresses concern with being this close to the war-front: not because of the Erier soldiers that might come along, but rather, a fear of ghostly beings called The Wakers that serve the goddess Mir by collecting the souls of the dead. Skirting around the battlefield, our party finds a wounded Erier soldier who begs them for a horse. Rather than give up one of their own, the party elects to send the man with Sigmund as an escort. Sigmund, after some convincing, agrees, seeing it as an opportunity to atone for past sins. The party then leaves the battlefield behind, traveling south, and arrives in the war-front town of Brevith.



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